Evacuate people
From the front line,
support elde
We save children, evacuate people from the front line, and support elderly
People evacuated from imminent danger since the beginning of war
Children, adults, and elderly hosted in our shelters
Food kits distributed to people
in Dnipro and in evacuation zones
Prior to the war in Ukraine, our NGO was working with local children from low-income families. In March 2022 we transformed our children club into a shelter to accommodate refugees with children and began regular evacuation missions.
Children New Generation —
local NGO in Dnipro, Eastern Ukraine.
Мы также доставляем продуктовые наборы и питьевую воду. Наши подопечные:
  • резиденты наших шелтеров
  • малообеспеченные жители Днепра
  • люди в зоне эвакуации, которые пока не готовы уехать
В течение 2022 году, мы еженедельно раздавали до 2000 продуктовых наборов. В декабре 2022 года мы увеличили еженедельную раздачу до 3000 наборов.
Data: March 2022-April 2023
Our projects
We also deliver food kits and drinking water. By the beginning of January 2023, distribution has reached 1100 kits per week. Groups we help:
  • shelter residents in Dnipro
  • citizen of Dnipro with low income
  • people in evacuation zones who are not ready to leave their homes

Food distribution spots in Dnipro:
  • Zhelyabova street, 76 (map) — every Saturday at 3 pm
  • Bohdana Khmelnytskoho street, 4 (map) — every Wednesday at 5 pm and every Sunday at 2 pm
  • Nemirovicha-Danchenko street, 62 (map) — every Thursday at 4 pm
Food distribution
We run three shelters for refugees:
  • Dnipro, Nemirovicha-Danchenko street, 62 (map) — main shelter with the capacity of up to 1000 people/month (30% permanent residents and 70% transit). This shelter was launched in September 2022 instead of an older one with 5x lesser capacity. There are 150+ permanent residents in this shelter.
  • Pidhorodne, Geologov street, 113 (map) — mini-shelter and rehab in Dnipro suburbs for men with alcohol addiction caused by psychological traumas. This shelter was launched in November 2022 and can accommodate 20 residents — 19 already live there.
  • Kosiv, Shevchenko street (map) — small shelter in the Ivano-Frankivsk region, Western Ukraine with a capacity of 35 permanent residents.
Every week our volunteers evacuate 50+ people from Kharkiv, Donetsk, and Luhansk regions. Priority #1 for Q1 2023 — Donets region.
Dream center
In November 2022, CNG launched a new Dream Center for children in Dnipro — Bohdana Khmelnytskoho street, 6g (map). Our services:
  • Educational and entertainment programs for refugee kids. Regular meetings are run every Wednesday and Saturday.
  • Sensory integration for kids with autism spectrum disorder, alalia (inability to speak), and hyperactivity. CNG provides free treatment for such kids and psychological support for their parents.

Center's Instagram account @dreamcentre_
Every week our volunteers go to villages and towns in Eastern Ukraine near the front line. Some of our recent locations include Bakhmut, Marinka, Krasnohorivka, Heorhiivka, Pisky, Kurakhove, Selydove, Ukrainsk, Pokrovsk, and Svyatohirsk. Those who can not leave their homes are supported with water and food kits.
  • Igor Zurnadzi
  • Alina Subotina
    Deputy director and head of coordinators
  • Lera Zurnadzi
    Dream Center coordinator, Dnipro
  • Olga Gaponenko
    Youth Center coordinator, Dnipro
  • Dmitry Nazarchuk
    Evacuation coordinator, Dnipro
  • Vladimir Subotin
    Shelter coordinator, Dnipro
  • Mikhail Lutsenko
    Food distribution coordinator, Dnipro
  • Oleksandr Fesenko
    Rehabilitation Center coordinator, Dnipro
  • Igor Motruk
    Rehabilitation Center coordinator, Kosiv
  • Alexey Katsalukha
    Fundraising coordinator
  • Dmitry Rakhanskiy
  • Alexey Ivanovsky
    Fundraising team: volunteer
  • Sasha Stepanova
    Fundraising team: volunteer
  • Roman Kiryanov
    Fundraising team: volunteer
  • Dmytro Kniaziev
    Fundraising team: volunteer
  • Inna Ivanovskaya
    Dream Center team: kindergarten teacher
  • Irada Rzayeva
    Dream Center team: teacher assistant
  • Svetlana Tokar
    Dream Center team: sensory room coordinator
  • Renata Myagkaya
    Dream Center team: tutor
  • Darya Getova
    Dream Center team: tutor
  • Bogdan Kostenko
    Dream Center team: front desk
  • Maxim Tumko
    Shelter team: volunteer
  • Sergey Tsap
    Shelter team: volunteer
  • Olena Lutsenko
    Food distribution team: volunteer
  • Artem Gaponenko
    Rehabilitation center team: volunteer
  • Viktoria Motruk
    Rehabilitation center team: volunteer
  • Natalia Motruk
    Rehabilitation center team: volunteer
  • Bogdana Motruk
    Rehabilitation center team: volunteer
  • Maxim Puskov
    Office team: driver
With your support, we will evacuate one more Ukrainian and provide her with shelter and food. And if you choose to subscribe for regular donations (biweekly, monthly, etc), we will be able to implement even more plans from our backlog — check our monthly reports.
children new generation
NGO registration number: 44275854
Address: Dnipro, Bohdana Khmelnitskogo 6g, 49083, Ukraine
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