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Monthly Report — June 2023

Here are the results of our work in June 2023:
  • 86 people stayed in our main shelter in Dnipro, with 79 of them permanent residents.
  • 14 people were evacuated from the Kherson and Donetsk regions, namely from the towns of Hirnyk, Kurakhove, Chasiv Yar, and Kostyantynivka.
  • We distributed 1,001 food aid packages to those in need: 699 in Dnipro and 302 in the Donetsk region. Photos: Dnipro (Prydniprovskyi district) and Dnipro (Amur district).
  • 256 children aged 2-11 attended the Dream Center in Dnipro: 56 children attended the main group (weekly classes on Sundays), 16 children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) received a range of therapeutic services (individual sessions with a coach in the sensory room, sessions with an ABA therapist, and sessions with a tutor), 24 children attended kindergarten every day, and another 160 children attended our big monthly party. 10 mothers also attended a regular support group for parents of children with ASD. Here’s our June photo report.
  • 90 teenagers aged 12-17 attended the Youth Center in Dnipro.
  • 80 people attended our rehabilitation center in Kosiv: 30 children and 50 adults.
  • 70 people attended our meeting for the elderly in Dnipro.
Overall, in June we helped 1,300+ people in the Dnipropetrovsk, Kherson, Donetsk, and Ivano-Frankivsk regions of Ukraine.

This month’s news:
  • Mission to Kherson: Our evacuation team volunteers spent most of June in Kherson and the Kherson region helping those affected by the flood. Our volunteers with boats evacuated people in the city of Kherson itself, delivered drinking water and instant meals/sandwiches to local residents, helped pump out water and remove debris, and paid for several families to be transported to nearby villages and safe “indestructibility points”. We also delivered water and supplies to villages on the left bank of the Dnipro River above the Kakhovka Dam, which have temporarily become home to refugees from Kherson and to which humanitarian aid is almost never delivered due to shelling attacks from the right bank of the river. Our partners from House of Hope helped us with this mission. Our photo reports from the mission are available here: photo report 1 and photo report 2.
  • We started organizing weekly outdoor activities as part of our youth club in Dnipro. June’s theme was art therapy: children and teenagers painted canvas bags and had fun in the park. See our photo report here and our Instagram post from the event here.
  • We rented an additional area for the shelter in Dnipro and prepared new family boxes with 12 beds.
  • We also began renovation works on the additional Dream Center spaces we rented in May. This means the center will soon have a separate bedroom for children, a second sensory room for children with ASD, a psychologist’s office, and an early learning room, as well as a recreation room for the center's staff.
  • We held CNG’s first-ever tender for the purchase of supplies for those in need in Dnipro and the Donetsk region. 7 suppliers bid for the tender, with Epicentr eventually selected as the winner, and we set up a procurement committee. We received the delivery on 8 July and will distribute the products in Dnipro and Hirnyk over the coming days.

Partners and sponsors of our foundation:
  • World Vision International provided a grant of $19,996 for the purchase and delivery of food for those in need in Dnipro and the Donetsk region.
  • KBF Canada provided a grant of $18,503 toward our activities.
  • DanChurchAid provided a grant of $9,983 to support our shelter in Dnipro in June-July 2023.
  • HelpDesk provided $10,000 to help flood victims in Kherson.
  • UNICEF provided a large shipment of hygiene products: 100 hygiene kits, 100 blankets, 30 boxes of shower gel, 30 boxes of toothpaste, 6 boxes of washing up liquid, and 30 boxes of laundry capsules, as well as soap, power banks, and bags.

In June, we received 2,168,389 hryvnias and spent 1,306,734 hryvnias. Thank you for your support, and please consider helping us by signing up for monthly donations!