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Monthly Report — August 2023

Results of the fund's work for August 2023
  • 71 people lived in the main shelter in Dnipro, of which 63 were permanent residents.
  • 397 food aid packages were distributed to those in need in the city of Dnipro.
  • About 300 children aged 2-11 years attended events at the Dream Center in Dnipro: 9 children in the weekly Sunday group, 16 children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) received 63 individual sessions of ABA therapy and in the sensory room, 29 children attended kindergarten daily, and over 250 children attended our big street festival on August 31st — photo report.
  • Over 90 teenagers aged 12-17 attended weekly street camps organized by our Youth Club in the parks of Dnipro — photo report. The club also acquired a new venue where teenagers can regularly attend thematic meetings.
In total, in August, our fund benefited over 800 people in the city of Dnipro.

Partners and sponsors of our fund
  • World Vision International — our second joint project is focused on the development of the Dream Center in Dnipro. With the support of World Vision in August, we were able to expand the center's premises (a second sensory room, space for a second kindergarten group, a bedroom for 30 younger children, an ABA therapy office), purchase necessary equipment (furniture, educational games and devices, household appliances, plumbing, construction materials), sign a contract for the daily delivery of hot lunches for children, and finance our weekly and monthly events for children and teenagers. The goal of the project is to double the number of children who can receive services from the Dream Center in Dnipro. The project's full capacity is planned for September — follow announcements on the Dream Center's Instagram.

Over the month, we received ₴2,718,415 hryvnias and spent ₴2,299,172 hryvnias. Thank you for your support and please subscribe for monthly donations!