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Monthly report — December 2022

CNG's achievements in December 2022:
  • 162 refugees were hosted in the Dnipro shelter: 102 permanent and 60 temporary residents
  • 19 refugees were hosted in the newly launched rehab center. The facility is based in a Dnipro suburb called Pidhorodne (map) — the aim is to separate men with alcohol addiction caused by psychological traumas from the rest of the shelter inhabitants and provide them with specific care.
  • 67 kids visited our Dream center for children. We host activities twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The center has its own Instagram account @dreamcentre_ — feel free to subscribe!
  • 21 kids with autism spectrum disorder visited the sensory room 47 times. Each time requires the presence of one of our volunteers who have previously learned how to assist a kid in making the activity effective.
  • 43 teenagers have visited our weekly teenage activities.
  • 4534 food packages were distributed among the people in need. In December, CNG opened the 3rd address in Dnipro for weekly food distributions. Besides volunteers, our shelter inhabitants also participate in this activity.

We did not run any evacuation trips in December. All 3 transport vehicles we had were seriously damaged in November and needed an expensive repair. We sold one of those vehicles and used the money to repair another one. Besides that, volunteers from Solid Rock Mission bought a new car and promised to share it will CNG. As a result, we now have two vehicles available for the mission. First evacuations will start next week, and our #1 priority is the Donetsk region.

Special thanks to:
  • KIDDISVIT for providing our sensory room with educational toys
  • HelpAge for providing CNG with a grant to support elderly people who live in our shelter (80% of all residents)

In December, we received ₴1,502,289 ($40,823) in donations and spent ₴986,116 ($26,797). Top-5 expenses (74% of all expenses):
  • ₴289,216 — rent and utility bills
  • ₴282,006 — expenses on volunteers, including cash provision for shelter's urgent food and non-food items resupply
  • ₴62,600 — equipment for the children club
  • ₴59,062 — equipment and consumables for the shelter
  • ₴40,660 — entertainment for children (new year's eve events & gifts)