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Monthly report — January 2023

CNG's achievements in January 2023:
  • 4650 food packages were distributed among the people in need.
  • 92 refugees stayed in the Dnipro shelter: 77 permanent and 15 temporary residents.
  • 28 refugees stayed in the Rehabilitation Center in the Dnipro suburb.
  • 34 refugees stayed in our remote facility in Kosiv, Western Ukraine: 21 kids in the children's center, 12 adults in the shelter, and 2 more adults were visiting rehabilitation sessions in our partner's fitness center.
  • 235 kids (ages 4-11) visited the Dream Center in Dnipro: 64 kids in the main group (weekly sessions on Wednesdays and Saturdays), 32 kids with an autism spectrum disorder in the sensory room (75 sessions with therapists), 17 kids in the kindergarten (daily sessions), and 122 kids from other shelters participated in the big entertaining event.
  • 58 teenagers (ages 12-17) visited weekly activities at our Youth club.
  • 10 people were evacuated from Kherson and Kherson oblast during the evacuation mission on January 26th.

In January 2023 we launched a bunch of new projects:
  • Signed a new lease agreement with the shelter's landlord. Starting from February 2023, the total space will increase from 738 m2 to 1250 m2. We plan to divide the area into three isolated zones: for temporary residents, for the elderly, and for moms with kids.
  • Installed 24 more bunk beds — the total capacity of the shelter increased to 192 sleeping places.
  • On January 23rd, we launched a kindergarten as a part of our Dream Center in Dnipro. This facility will work for kids of refugees + local kids whose parents can not afford private kindergartens (all public ones are closed due to the war). 17 kids already go there on a daily basis.
  • In the Dream Center's courtyard, we built a new playground for kids.

New partnerships and sponsors:
  • Alight — we won a grant aimed at supporting Dream Center and providing compensation for our trained volunteers/invited professionals who work with kids.
  • Food For Life — hot ready-to-eat meals three times a week for the shelter inhabitants.
  • Samaritan's Purse — 22 tons of food provision that we will deliver to evacuation zones. Not all people can leave their homes and they need these supplies.
  • UNICEF — 50 sets of bed linen, first aid kits, heaters, and drinking water for our Dnipro shelter.
  • Proliska — clothes for the shelter inhabitants (photo report).
  • Norwegian Refugee Committee — 50 sleeping bags for the shelter and evacuation mission.

In January, we received ₴2,618,977 ($71,168) in donations and spent ₴1,292,939 ($35,134). Top-5 expenses (77% of all expenses):
  • ₴495,445 ($13,463) — equipment and materials for the shelter and the Dream Center.
  • ₴191,517 ($5,204) — expenses on volunteers, including cash provision for the shelter's urgent food and non-food items resupply and logistics.
  • ₴113,903 ($3,095) — rent.
  • ₴110,332 ($2,998) — gasoline (generators, city logistics, and evacuation).
  • ₴78,658 ($2,137) — food for the shelter.