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Monthly report — November 2022

Here's what we achieved in CNG in November 2022:
  • the most important victory — renovation works at the children's center in Dnipro were finished in time. Inside the center, we launched a sensory room for children with mental retardation and an autism spectrum disorder. At the beginning of December, the first 10 kids visited this room
  • secured autonomous power generators for the shelter and children's center
  • 250+ refugees were hosted in the shelter as permanent or temporary residents
  • 3200 food packages were distributed to feed approximately 5000 people
  • we launched a new website with an option to subscribe for regular donations. You can now become our patron and support CNG on a weekly, monthly, or any other basis. 

In November, we received ₴395,564 ($10,749) in donations and spent ₴389,328 ($10,667). Top-4 expenses (68% of all expenses):
  • ₴162,824 ($4,424) — renovation of the children club in Dnipro
  • ₴42,731 ($1,161) — gasoline (evacuation & city logistics)
  • ₴30,240 ($822) — food for the shelter
  • ₴30,000 ($815) — rent

Thanks to Proliska and Peremoga non-profits and our private donors, in November we raised enough money to maintain the shelter and finish all the remaining work needed to open the children's center in Dnipro. Thank you so much for your support!